Sometimes You Need to do a Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come

I wasn’t sure I was getting anywhere on this healing journey.  While I am noticing there are more good moments, I tend to get discouraged when it doesn’t seem like I am getting where I want to go quick enough.  So, I decided to do a look back to where things were when I started.  Continue reading “Sometimes You Need to do a Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come”

A Bold Decision

Today, I made a bold decision.  A decision I didn’t even know I could make.  The decision was to have a day without full-blown panic.   I was surprised that my decision resulted in minimal panic. Normally, I panic at every unexpected circumstance.  This time, if I felt myself starting to panic, I was able toContinue reading “A Bold Decision”

The Fear of Not Being Liked

I must really find comfort in self-sabotaging what I want because I constantly do it.  We self-sabotage when we engage in behaviors that cause us to get the opposite of what we want. Some of this self-sabotaging behavior can be abusing drugs or alcohol, comfort eating, and procrastinating, among others.  I don’t abuse drugs orContinue reading “The Fear of Not Being Liked”

Will Being More Aware Lead to Less Self-Sabotage?

In the spirit of my recent commitment to being honest with myself, I decided to check in with how I’m feeling.  I realized that my anxiety is still very high. If I have to rate it on a 1-10 scale, when I actually look at it, I might rate it as at least an 8.  Continue reading “Will Being More Aware Lead to Less Self-Sabotage?”

What Could You Accomplish if Someone Helped Illuminate Your Path?

One of the things I didn’t understand before I went on this journey was the value of a trusted guide, mentor or coach.   One of the most valuable lessons from having a trusted guide is that I have been able to be kinder to myself.  I often gave myself a hard time for not knowingContinue reading “What Could You Accomplish if Someone Helped Illuminate Your Path?”

Sleep is NOT Overrated

I’ve noticed that I’ve been dragging…I mean really dragging.  I have good intentions of going to sleep at a time that allows me to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  Yet I never do. Since I have committed to being more aware of my actions and truthful with myself, I realized I’m actually onlyContinue reading “Sleep is NOT Overrated”

What Can Happen When You Stop Lying to Yourself?

I have to admit, for a while now, I haven’t given 100% to anything I’ve done.  In reality, I don’t know whether I’ve ever given 100%. I’ve always hid, or avoided, or distracted. When I took a thoughtful and truthful look at why I don’t give 100%, it was crystal clear to me that IContinue reading “What Can Happen When You Stop Lying to Yourself?”

Today I Put Down My Shield and My Sword

Some people may think using energy work to relieve stress is nonsense.  Today, I realized that I wasn’t totally on board with it. I don’t know if I I didn’t believe it could work or if I believed that it couldn’t work for me.  Either way, I never fully embraced it…until recently.  I am veryContinue reading “Today I Put Down My Shield and My Sword”

Healing Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Eight years ago, my mom and I discovered ThetaHealingⓇ, an energy psychology method that allows you to find and remove the blocks in your life that are limiting you and causing self-sabotage.  It’s a powerful tool. My mom fell in love with it and became certified to practice and teach ThetaHealingⓇ.  To this day, sheContinue reading “Healing Doesn’t Have to be Hard”

What to Do When Panic Sets In

I have noticed that my coping skills in circumstances I didn’t anticipate are pretty much nonexistent.  When things happen beyond my control, I find myself in a complete panic. My mind goes blank, I can’t think, my stress response goes through the roof, my heart feels like it’s beating out of my chest, and IContinue reading “What to Do When Panic Sets In”