Sometimes You Need to do a Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come

I wasn’t sure I was getting anywhere on this healing journey.  While I am noticing there are more good moments, I tend to get discouraged when it doesn’t seem like I am getting where I want to go quick enough.  So, I decided to do a look back to where things were when I started.  Continue reading “Sometimes You Need to do a Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come”

A Bold Decision

Today, I made a bold decision.  A decision I didn’t even know I could make.  The decision was to have a day without full-blown panic.   I was surprised that my decision resulted in minimal panic. Normally, I panic at every unexpected circumstance.  This time, if I felt myself starting to panic, I was able toContinue reading “A Bold Decision”

The Fear of Not Being Liked

I must really find comfort in self-sabotaging what I want because I constantly do it.  We self-sabotage when we engage in behaviors that cause us to get the opposite of what we want. Some of this self-sabotaging behavior can be abusing drugs or alcohol, comfort eating, and procrastinating, among others.  I don’t abuse drugs orContinue reading “The Fear of Not Being Liked”

Will Being More Aware Lead to Less Self-Sabotage?

In the spirit of my recent commitment to being honest with myself, I decided to check in with how I’m feeling.  I realized that my anxiety is still very high. If I have to rate it on a 1-10 scale, when I actually look at it, I might rate it as at least an 8.  Continue reading “Will Being More Aware Lead to Less Self-Sabotage?”

What Could You Accomplish if Someone Helped Illuminate Your Path?

One of the things I didn’t understand before I went on this journey was the value of a trusted guide, mentor or coach.   One of the most valuable lessons from having a trusted guide is that I have been able to be kinder to myself.  I often gave myself a hard time for not knowingContinue reading “What Could You Accomplish if Someone Helped Illuminate Your Path?”

Sleep is NOT Overrated

I’ve noticed that I’ve been dragging…I mean really dragging.  I have good intentions of going to sleep at a time that allows me to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  Yet I never do. Since I have committed to being more aware of my actions and truthful with myself, I realized I’m actually onlyContinue reading “Sleep is NOT Overrated”

What Can Happen When You Stop Lying to Yourself?

I have to admit, for a while now, I haven’t given 100% to anything I’ve done.  In reality, I don’t know whether I’ve ever given 100%. I’ve always hid, or avoided, or distracted. When I took a thoughtful and truthful look at why I don’t give 100%, it was crystal clear to me that IContinue reading “What Can Happen When You Stop Lying to Yourself?”

Today I Put Down My Shield and My Sword

Some people may think using energy work to relieve stress is nonsense.  Today, I realized that I wasn’t totally on board with it. I don’t know if I I didn’t believe it could work or if I believed that it couldn’t work for me.  Either way, I never fully embraced it…until recently.  I am veryContinue reading “Today I Put Down My Shield and My Sword”

One Day I Learned How to Stop Hiding

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with communication.  The everyday communication. The implicit understanding of words, of tone, and of nonverbal communication. I’ve taken several classes on communication – a public speaking class in high school and in college, a Dale Carnegie course, and I was part of Toastmasters for twoContinue reading “One Day I Learned How to Stop Hiding”

Healing Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Eight years ago, my mom and I discovered ThetaHealingⓇ, an energy psychology method that allows you to find and remove the blocks in your life that are limiting you and causing self-sabotage.  It’s a powerful tool. My mom fell in love with it and became certified to practice and teach ThetaHealingⓇ.  To this day, sheContinue reading “Healing Doesn’t Have to be Hard”