Healing Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Eight years ago, my mom and I discovered ThetaHealing, an energy psychology method that allows you to find and remove the blocks in your life that are limiting you and causing self-sabotage.  It’s a powerful tool. My mom fell in love with it and became certified to practice and teach ThetaHealing.  To this day, she uses the technique with me, with herself, and with her clients.

I’ve been trained in using this technique as well.  In fact, I’ve taken seven different workshops in ThetaHealing.  For some reason, I’ve always resonated with the miraculous healing power of physical healings with ThetaHealing and my mom has been interested in the trauma and belief oriented aspects of this work. Whenever I try to use these tools to address my own stress and overwhelm, and the trauma and limiting beliefs around these issues, I get stuck.

My mom was struggling with some self-doubt and fear-based limiting beliefs today and she shared with me what she was feeling.  We discussed it briefly and she asked me if it would be helpful for me to observe her doing self-healing work. It was fun to be a part of that with her.  Even when she addressed some emotionally charged events from the past, she stayed the course. When she was not getting an answer, she was patient and continued to wait for one. 

When she finally got through the process, she seemed surprised by the outcome.  In her process, she not only explores the survival-based strategies we use to solve a problem but also the lessons her soul is learning from the challenges.  Our subconscious believes that we must have challenges in order to learn the lesson. These beliefs may be buried deep in our subconscious and you may not consciously be aware of them.  I was not at all surprised because her soul was learning grit, and I know that’s something she struggles with. .

Her exploration took 45 minutes to an hour.  However, once the self-sabotaging beliefs and lessons were identified and confirmed with muscle testing, it took only a few minutes to use energy healing to change these beliefs.  She confirmed the changes were made by muscle testing again and also feeling into her self-doubt and fear that she felt earlier. It was gone.  

Typically, when I do the work on myself, I give up after a couple of minutes and wait for my mom to help me, instead of trust I can do the work myself.  I’m never sure if the information I am receiving is coming from my fear-based self or if I’m being divinely guided.    

Watching my mom work on herself made me feel closer to her.  She struggles with the same human struggles we all do. The difference is that she isn’t afraid to admit it and is constantly working on herself.

Although I have recently become more consistent in doing sessions with my mom, I have not yet gotten into the habit of addressing challenges as soon as they come up. It often takes me to have a meltdown to realize there’s something brewing in my subconscious and that I have the tools to address them.  

The most important lesson I learned today was that healing doesn’t have to be hard. 

My homework assignment – be more cognizant of triggering situations and what I can do about them.  Do the work and don’t give up. And remember to bring some levity into my healing journey.

If you’d like to begin a conversation with me about this work, feel free to email me at alyssa@alyssaphillips.blog.

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