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Sometimes You Need to do a Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come

I wasn’t sure I was getting anywhere on this healing journey.  While I am noticing there are more good moments, I tend to get discouraged when it doesn’t seem like I am getting where I want to go quick enough.  So, I decided to do a look back to where things were when I started.  Continue reading “Sometimes You Need to do a Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come”

A Bold Decision

Today, I made a bold decision.  A decision I didn’t even know I could make.  The decision was to have a day without full-blown panic.   I was surprised that my decision resulted in minimal panic. Normally, I panic at every unexpected circumstance.  This time, if I felt myself starting to panic, I was able toContinue reading “A Bold Decision”

Moving Into Ease

I am used to having to work hard to make things happen.  Imagine my surprise when some opportunities showed up out of the blue. When I left my job as a special education teacher, I thought about different ways to bring in an income stream to cover some of my non-discretionary bills.  I thought IContinue reading “Moving Into Ease”

You Never Know What You’ll Find When You Dive Head First Into Your Subconscious

After all my procrastinating from taking the steps to doing the work I knew I needed to do to feel better, distracting with mindless activities, and trying to come up with excuses as to why I couldn’t do it (and I didn’t have the excuse that I didn’t have time any longer), I decided toContinue reading “You Never Know What You’ll Find When You Dive Head First Into Your Subconscious”

Reality Sets In

One day.  That’s the amount of time I didn’t feel any stress after quitting my job.  I thought I would be motivated. I thought I would have energy. I thought I would feel better.  I thought my appetite would come back. I thought I would be excited to come up with a plan for theContinue reading “Reality Sets In”

Stress Girl No More

As long as I can remember, I’ve been afraid.  I’ve been afraid of getting in trouble, afraid of being a burden, and afraid I didn’t fit in.  I constantly felt overwhelmed, not just because of what I had to do but by everything in my environment..sounds, other people’s energy, and what other people said.  IContinue reading “Stress Girl No More”

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